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New Anthology- Selected Places

News Posted on Thu, April 20, 2017 21:52:32

A new anthology from Simone Press is now available to buy as an Ebook and Paperbook from Amazon.

This anthology of literary and speculative short fiction is full of stories about the way our surroundings influence us. Some of these places are dangerous while others test relationships. People try to protect their environment against the odds while others want to escape. In this anthology you will encounter desert islands, polluted lakes and secluded cabins. The writers of these stories have been published widely and some have released novels. All of them have helped to create a brilliant anthology.

Free Paranormal Horror Two Ebook

News Posted on Wed, December 21, 2016 22:11:39

Paranormal Horror Two will be free on Amazon for Kindle customers from the 24th December to the 28th December.

This anthology features short paranormal horror stories from a list of talented authors. It contains stories about ghosts, vampires and werewolves.

The Ebook is available to download here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

New Anthology- Call for Submissions

News Posted on Tue, December 08, 2015 12:34:49

Simone Press needs contributors for a new short story anthology.

The theme of the anthology is ‘Place’. The place where your story is set should have an obvious influence on all, some or one of the following aspects of the story: plot; characterisation or atmosphere.

The place can be fictional or real and set in the past, present or future. Maybe your characters dislike where they are, perhaps they’re trying to escape or they could be content and this contentment is under threat in some way. The setting might be dangerous or safe for your characters. A war or extreme weather conditions could be approaching. The building might be on fire.

Your characters can be inside, outside or both. The setting might reveal aspects of their characters that words and actions don’t. Perhaps, their surroundings have important cultural and social values that are unique to that area which influence their behaviour. They might live in the countryside, near the sea, in the suburbs or the inner city. It could be that they’re travelling from one place to another.

Stories should be between 1000 and 5000 words long. We are looking for literary, experimental, mainstream, contemporary, historical and speculative genre stories. Previously published work won’t be accepted.

Please send your stories to as a doc file or pasted into the body of an email. Please include a short bio in the third person.

Closing date is 31.08.16.

Every contributor will receive a free Ebook of the final anthology.

Amazon Paperback Horror

News Posted on Tue, December 08, 2015 11:20:31

Both Paranormal Horror anthologies are now available to buy in paperback on Amazon.

Buy the first Paranormal Horror anthology on either or

Buy Paranormal Horror Two on either Amazon.Com or

paperback horror

News Posted on Wed, November 04, 2015 08:20:46

Paranormal Horror and Paranormal Horror Two are both available as paperbacks on Createspace.

If you are feeling brave enough you can buy the books here and here

Good luck and be careful….

Paranormal Horror Two

News Posted on Sat, September 27, 2014 16:37:52

Paranormal Horror Two has been released on Amazon. It contains eighteen chilling tales from a host of talented writers. Many of the writers that made the first anthology so good have returned. There are also some exciting, new contributors.

Buy it here on and here on

Monsters are rumoured to inhabit the eerie places created by Gary Clifton and Matthew Wilson. You might begin to suspect that your friends aren’t telling you everything, after you meet Wendy L. Schmidt’s hungry couple. Mushrooms grow at an alarming rate in Diane Arelle’s sunroom. Chris Mawbey offers a bizarre reason for why that face is familiar.

Fans of shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons will wish that they could could meet their idols like the character in David Perlmutter’s tale. Allen Kopp suggests that if animals can be stuffed after they die then so can humans. Ed Ahern confirms that being possessed is never a good thing. People are missing from Daniel Davis’ haunted house.

If you’ve ever felt like you exist in a parallel universe then you will be familiar with the experiences of Chris Mawbey’s hungover protagonist. Jerry G. Erwin warns that strange hobbies can grow into something more sinister. There are stories about werewolves from A.A. Garrison and Jim Cagwin.

W.K. Erwin’s demons might be whispering to you at night. The aliens have arrived in Jenean McBrearty’s story. Be relieved that you didn’t visit Gary Clifton’s magic show. Katanie Duarte’s shapeshifting devil wants more. It could be that those flu-like symptoms you’re experiencing are masking something far more serious according to John Haas.

Submissions Closed

News Posted on Wed, July 02, 2014 01:03:13

for the sequel to ‘Paranormal Horror’ are now closed. Thank you to
everyone who sent us their short stories. We were inundated
with submissions, so deciding which stories to accept for the
anthology wasn’t easy.

Needless to
say, they were all enjoyable to read and of a high standard. ‘Paranormal
Horror Two’ is going to be excellent. It is also going to be very, very

If you
enjoyed the first ‘Paranormal Horror’ anthology then you will definitely enjoy
the second. It will be sold as an eBook on Amazon.

Watch this space for more details, soon…..

Seeking Submissions

News Posted on Fri, April 18, 2014 21:01:54


We are currently seeking submissions for a brand new paranormal horror anthology. Due to the popularity of the first anthology we decided to bring out another. It will feature some of the same authors plus some exciting new ones. Some of the stories are very disturbing indeed.

However, we are still looking for some new stories. They have to be frightening. We want to scare our readers as much as possible. smiley

Short stories between 1000 and 5000 words long please. Send them to us NOW. The email address is

We will be accepting them until June 30th 2014.

See our our submissions page for a long list of the subjects we would like you to write about.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you………

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