Paranormal Horror Two has been released on Amazon. It contains eighteen chilling tales from a host of talented writers. Many of the writers that made the first anthology so good have returned. There are also some exciting, new contributors.

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Monsters are rumoured to inhabit the eerie places created by Gary Clifton and Matthew Wilson. You might begin to suspect that your friends aren’t telling you everything, after you meet Wendy L. Schmidt’s hungry couple. Mushrooms grow at an alarming rate in Diane Arelle’s sunroom. Chris Mawbey offers a bizarre reason for why that face is familiar.

Fans of shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons will wish that they could could meet their idols like the character in David Perlmutter’s tale. Allen Kopp suggests that if animals can be stuffed after they die then so can humans. Ed Ahern confirms that being possessed is never a good thing. People are missing from Daniel Davis’ haunted house.

If you’ve ever felt like you exist in a parallel universe then you will be familiar with the experiences of Chris Mawbey’s hungover protagonist. Jerry G. Erwin warns that strange hobbies can grow into something more sinister. There are stories about werewolves from A.A. Garrison and Jim Cagwin.

W.K. Erwin’s demons might be whispering to you at night. The aliens have arrived in Jenean McBrearty’s story. Be relieved that you didn’t visit Gary Clifton’s magic show. Katanie Duarte’s shapeshifting devil wants more. It could be that those flu-like symptoms you’re experiencing are masking something far more serious according to John Haas.